current to-do list

aside from housework, mainly organizing and purging, here are some stuff that i would really LOVE to start working on as soon as possible

1. work on a “favorite” (okay, more of an “obsession” maybe?) mini album..where it’s all about my current favorites. i think it would be interesting if i make an album 2-3 times a year to really see how often i change my mind. this one is the easiest of all, maybe i can finish one in half a day? faves i would include are: watch, clothing, shoes, makeup item, time of day, iphone app, hmm can’t think of other things right now.. to be continued…

2. design new items and re-open my shop! new ideas are overflowing in my head..overflowing..overflowing aaahhh!! i can’t sleep.

3. complete my december daily album foundation as inspired by ali edwards. i started, well i actually finished an album foundation last year but i didn’t get to finish the album. it was a complete fail! T_T i hope to finish one this year!


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