a new hobby…

…couponing!! since i don’t get much desktop computer and/or craft room time these days, i finally decided to try something new. i actually found out about this last year while browsing around youtube. i signed up for the loyalty cards at cvs and rite aid to get started but never really continued it until about 2 months ago. i did my research, collected coupons and finally began shopping with coupons this month! i always get excited whenever i spend $5 on $30-$40 worth of products!!! ^.~)) i am loving it so far.  i get a “me” time whenever i go to the stores since hubby watches the babies, lol. plus, it’s great to get some time off from my babies since i’m a sahm.

at first, i used a mini accordion file to organize my coupons but it came to a point where i wasn’t able to close it. so i transferred them to a binder and utilized the baseball card pocket protectors which i also use for scrapbooking!


(above is picture of my accordion file)




(above photo is the first page of my coupon binder)



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