review: etsy pauper’s bounty

i told my husband that i preferred to receive the knot ring and the engraved heart ring for valentine’s day this year instead of flowers and chocolates. no shame right? i know ^.~ unfortunately, the engraved ring was a no go due to the size of the heart; i wanted the initials g+s to be engraved on it. yeh, so adolescent but i thought it was a cute idea. luckily, the knot ring was available!

shipping: package came in a week

packaging: the ring was bubble wrapped and was sent in an envelope.


product: the ring is very lightweight and delicate. it’s not as shiny as i’d hoped but an easy cleaning and polishing will do the trick. i don’t recommend wearing it if you have small children. i love the dainty and simple look. the overall quality is great.

overall rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 hearts out of 5

i’m very satisfied with the ring and i would definitely purchase from pauper’s bounty again.


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