first ever negative coupon shopping experience at target

i always plan my coupon shopping trips. last night’s target adventure was no exception. a few things before i proceed:

1. i am not an extreme couponer. i wish i was but i don’t think i will ever be one.

2. i love shopping at target ever since.

3. i mostly coupon shop at target when there are diaper deals.

with that said, here was my shopping list:

2 jumbo packs of huggies slip on diapers
use 2 $3 mailed manufacturer’s coupons
use 2 $2 target printable coupons from
1 jumbo packs pull ups
use $3 mailed manufacturer’s coupon
use $1.50 target catalina coupon
3 st ives travel size green tea facial scrub
use 3 $0.75 target printable coupon
1 nyc nail polish
use $1 target printable coupon
1 nyc eyeliner
use $1 target printable coupon
1 huggies 74 ct wipes
use $0.75 mailed manufacturer’s coupon
1 j&j head to toe soap
2 j&j travel size first aid kit
use $1.50/2 manufacturer’s coupon

it took me about 15 minutes to shop and headed to the only open register. the cashier looked pleasant enough, i supposed.

i said “hello, wow it’s really dead tonight, huh?” and she replied, “probably because it’s halloween.”

it was about 10:30 pm. she rang up the items in my basket and i handed her my coupons. i looked at her facial expression, it changed from uncaring to repulsed. she rolled her eyes and scanned the first coupon, the j&j travel size first aid kit. she slowly read the coupon, rummaged through the shopping bags and located the kits. okay, so far so good. next she scanned the st. ives target coupons. read the coupons, located the facial scrubs and immediately told me that i was not able to apply the coupons because they were travel size.

i really just wanted to get the diaper deals so i said “oh that’s okay, then i don’t want them.”

she handed back my coupons and threw the facial scrubs in the bin underneath the register. she proceeded to scan the nyc coupon. she read, located the nail polish and moved on to the next coupon, which was another nyc target coupon.

she stopped and asked “what did you get for this coupon?” i replied, “the nyc eyeliner.”

she looked at the coupon again and said, “you can’t use this coupon for this eyeliner.” i, nicely, asked, “why is that?”

she replied, “because i’m not sure if it’s trial size or not, i’ll have to ask someone.” she reached for a switch to make her register lights blink. please take note that the eyeliner is about a regular pencil size and, there was no size restrictions on the coupon.

i, then, told her, “you know it’s okay, i don’t want it. it’s okay.” i didn’t want to give her any hassle plus a line began to form behind me. she proceeded to scan the diaper coupons. the first 2 coupons didn’t scan. i informed her that it happened to me before and the cashier just keyed in the coupon.

she said, “oh i don’t know how. it’s not scanning. i hate these things (referring to the handheld scanner).”

so, she tried to key in some numbers and it didn’t work. so i stood there, waited until she figured it out. instead, she put them aside and scanned the rest. immediately, she saw that one of the huggies coupons had been smeared a bit by water.

she immediately handed it back to me, without even trying to scan it, and said, “i can’t take that one.”

the other coupons still weren’t scanning and finally, she prompted for help. a supervisor/manager came. the cashier told her she couldn’t scan the coupon, the supervisor/manager tried. in less than 1 second, the very try the coupons scanned. i asked if she can scan the water “damaged” coupon that the cashier rejected. she scanned it. it was fine. my total was about $43 before coupons and $26 after coupons and omitting several items. i knew it didn’t add up and felt that the total after coupons was a bit high. it is 10:47 pm now. at this point there is line behind me, i felt belittled, ridiculed and a bit humiliated so instead of questioning her about my total, i paid it.

i studied my receipt in the car and sure enough she missed 3 coupons and charged me for the eyeliner. 😦 i went to customer service for help. i returned the nail polish and informed her about the eyeliner. she gave me a refund without question. i asked her about the missing coupons on my receipt. though, she didn’t know how to go about it she went to get someone to help. the supervisor/manager came with her along with my coupons. i found out that the cashier missed and, mostly likely, lost the $3 pull ups coupon. after further study of my receipt by the supervisor/manager, she found out that a $2 coupon was not scanned. i received my refund.

this was my very first negative coupon shopping experience, EVER. i don’t like to hassle cashiers so i make sure i follow the coupons precisely. i regret not standing my ground. obviously, she wasn’t having a good day but treating a customer unpleasantly was unnecessary. i don’t require pampering during checkout; however, i do want a cashier who knows how to do his/her job well. will i coupon shop at target again? maybe if there is a great deal on diapers!


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