happy new year!

happy 2012! i thought it’s appropriate to post my new year’s resolution. (as if anyone really cares lol.)  but what the heck right? in the past, my resolutions were always broad and  general such as be more organized, NEVER procrastinate (that was always on my list), be kind, etc.  however for the past 2 years, i’ve changed my resolutions to goals. i have several criteria:

1. be VERY specific

2. realistic

3. must be achieved in a short period of time

so without further ado here are my new year’s resolutions:

1. organize the office so that everything has its place and easily accessible – at the moment, i am halfway done as i’ve already started organizing the office a while back.

2. launch my online shop – my target launch date is march

3. lose 15-20 lbs (of course this includes being fit not just being skinny. i’ve already started on this as well. one word: yoga.)

4. read a book per month

5. have an easy skincare routine (i have also started this one as my order is on it’s way!)

it’s best to keep the list short and simple as it can get overwhelming. of course, more can added as the year progresses and whenever a goal has been satisfied.

a mini rant:
i always see people’s status on facebook stating something like this: ” happy new year! let’s all have a fresh start..” really?! do you really need a whole year to pass to start anew? well, i have good news for you buddy; you can do that anytime!  ^0^;

here’s to a happy, productive and fun new year!


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