julep maven

update: enter the code newyear2012 at checkout to get your first box for a penny.

yes, i signed up for julep maven. a girl can never have enough nail polishes, right? before i proceed here is the 411 on julep maven.

1. it’s a monthly subscription – like a magazine, etc.

2. you will receive a box supposedly customized and picked by the beauty editors for you containing hottest nail polish color trends and other nail care products.

3. it’s $19.99 for each box.

though i always get nail polishes at the drugstore for free or nearly free, the julep maven deal was difficult to resist. for a penny, how can you not purchase!? you read that correctly, i bought all those nail polishes pictured above for $0.01! it’s insane! the company was practically giving it away! i found out about this deal via this video. unfortunately, this deal is over but if you sign up now you can still snag a julep maven box for $5 by entering the coupon code first5 during checkout. it’s still not too shabby considering the box value is $19.99 and price of each nail polish is $14. a few important things to note before taking a leap.

1. if you sign up and get the first box for $5 you automatically sign up for the subscription. which means you will receive a julep maven box monthly and you will be charged $19.99 each month.

2. however, the program is quite flexible. you can skip a month whenever your heart desires and you won’t get charged. you get this window by logging onto your account during 20th-25th of each month otherwise your credit card will be charged on the 27th. you can also send your box to a friend or whomever you wish on a month when you feel particularly generous – a gift, perhaps. lastly, you can cancel your subscription if you are not happy with it, anytime. i suggest that you cancel in the beginning of the month (asap, really).

i think i covered pretty much everything. really, they don’t make it difficult for you to cancel if you are not happy.

here’s how it works:

1. click on my referral link, i thank you in advance – link!

2. if you don’t want to use my referral link, here is the direct one – link!

3. take the style quiz.

4. click on “sign me up” on your style profile page. if you don’t like it then click on “not feeling like….click here to see other style profiles” link

5. add any $19.99 item in your cart. enter code first5 during checkout, choose free maven shipping, choose your state and voila! you just snagged your first julep maven box for $5!



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