project life album


“a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – lao tzu

to be honest, the quote above is suppose to make me feel better about starting the project life album but that’s besides the point. although i have several albums in queue for completion, i am beginning a new one called project life. it is an album documenting a year of  one’s life created by ali edwards. i haven’t gathered the materials for this album yet but i already began taking pictures and taking notes. fairly good start, no? we are still in week 1, lol, we’ll see how it goes. my plan for this album?

1. keep it clean simple and not fuss about the design.

2. use a spread of photos per week instead of putting all of my focus on taking a photo a day. i definitely do not have the energy or the time for that.

3. create and print my own journaling cards instead of purchasing. this should be easy enough, i think.

4. purchase a white 12 x12 album and page protectors.


2 thoughts on “project life album

  1. Hi May!
    Is this your 1st time with Project Life too? I can’t wait to see how yours is coming along 🙂
    No. 1 sometimes is hard to do for me.. because everybody is adding beautiful embellishment that makes you want to add some too, hahaha..
    There are a lot of free printable journals on the internet, just google or search in Pinterest.. you’ll find a lot of beautiful ones. I’ve gathered a lot and need to print them sometime soon 🙂

    Nice to know you by the way. Have a great day!

    • Hi Jeanne! yes it’s my very first project life. it’s a fairly long commitment to keep unlike the week in the life album ^.~)) i’ve made my journaling cards but i can’t decide whether to have my photos printed or print them myself. i, too, want to make it all artsy and creative because i look at other people’s albums but i know i’ll go crazy. so i’m sticking to my simple plan. lol it’s great knowing you too!

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