reading sherlock holmes

well, more like listening to the adventures of sherlock holmes book. i was browsing through itunes for a book to read one night and i came across the audio books.  this satisfies one of  my new year’s goals for the month. although, i feel like i am cheating a bit since i am not actually reading the literature but rather listening to someone reading it. however, i also feel that it’s perfect for me. i can multitask –  ie. do laundry or clean – while listening. last night i was able to clean the bathroom, do laundry and nightly quick-cleaning routine while i listened all the way through part 3 of the book. each part tells a different story. so far so good, i am enjoying it. the best part?  it’s free! just download and you’re good to go!

ps. when i say quick-cleaning, i meant a 30-45 minute cleaning routine. lol i am working on making that 10-15 minutes! also, when i say nightly , i meant most nights. ^.~))

a side note

i’ve been dreading to go out lately. the main reason would have to be the weather. it gets very cold at night here in the central valley. a few more reasons would have to be exhaustion and the current condition of my skin (my face, that is). i’ve neglected it far too long and it’s screaming for an intervention! yikes! even hubby began to notice it!


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