one little word 2012


a few years back ali edwards coined the one little word (challenge, so to speak) in lieu of a new year’s resolution list. a single word that one chooses to use as a guide and mantra throughout the year.

though i have a resolution list for 2012, i also chose my one little word for this year. it was my mantra for 2011 and will continue on for this year. that one little word is edit. i found it was difficult to choose just one word but i managed to narrow it down to 3. it was a debate between minimal, focus and edit. i felt that edit emcompasses the other two so it became my mantra. editing leads to minimizing our life.

now that we have 2 children, accumulating things is very easy. add the shopaholic-ish me and hubby and we have a very messy, cluttered home. stuff is everywhere. it drives me insane! however because of this mantra, i am delighted to report that  mr. s and i have made some progress.


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