a wish list

Hi friend!

i told mr. s that i didn’t want to exhange xmas lists this year (2011) because i just wanted to focus on our babies. okay, that was somewhat of a lie. i did want a love letter from him (cue evil but cute face here). there wasn’t anything that i needed or badly wanted. however, a girl always has some kind of a wish list. or am i the only one? i don’t need any of these things but having a list comes in handy especially if there are massive sales that come by once in a while! we have to be ready! lol

1. house of harlow 1960 leather station necklace  i purchased an inspired version of this necklace from gofavor.com. interestingly, it looked the same and felt quite substantial. much to my despair the metal oxidized after just one wear. then, my 2 year old got her hands on them and broke it. i don’t like spending a lot on trendy jewelry but i really like this and it isn’t too much pricewise. i’d love this in the light color as well!

2. house of harlow 1960 antler ring gorgeous! enough said.

3. nars danmari blush palette i love nars! this one is a necessity! it’s sold out everywhere, unfortunately.

4. miu miu vitello lux in light pink i’d love this one in the brown/cognac color as well! but i’m thinking it will remain in my wishlist for a long, long time!

5. madewell boots in english saddle the one pair i’ve been looking for!

6. tory burch reva leather flats with gold detail i’ve been a heels kind of girl but flats make things easier and safer especially when toting babies! i’ve heard all but rave reviews about these flats!

what products/items are you currently coveting?


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