february photo-a-day challenge: days 1-3

Hi friend!

I decided that I’d post a round-up of my photo-a-day challenge on Fridays. The reason? Just felt like it – nothing special. Lol

//from left to right

day 1: your view – my babies are playing, obviously hehe

day 2: words – The quote says, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” written by Helen Keller. I ripped it out of  the February Woman’s Day magazine.

day 3: hands – I wanted to take a photo of my babies’ hands because they won’t be small for long. They grow up so fast.

I am planning on getting the diaper deal at Target tomorrow, Saturday, and hoping to walk at the flea market if the temperature permits. My son is turning 1 year old in 2 weeks and we are planning to have a party for him. So, I’d like to also take a pre-birthday photo this weekend but there are so many things that need to be done that it might get pushed for next weekend.

What are your plans this weekend? Well, whatever it is I hope that you have a great one!


au naturel…

…well, more like organic, natural products. i honestly just wanted a catchy title. epic fail.

Hi friend!

a back story:

it all started when my sister came to visit for thanksgiving. upon her arrival the first thing i noticed was her shiny, healthy-looking hair! let’s ignore the fact that she  lost some weight! apparently, she had been running and eating healthy ie. avoided sweets and fatty foods. her hair looked amazing, so i asked her to spill the beans. her new secret: organix moroccan oil conditioner, an organic, sulfate free product. i had to get/try it as my hair has been looking like a dreadful mess lately. it just so happened that the organix line was on sale on thanksgiving week at cvs. it was part of buy $30 get $10 gift card. long story short,  my sister and i were able to snag 4 conditioners, 1 hair treatmeant, 3 shampoos for a total of $30 out of pocket. each bottle cost about $8.xx. however, we also received a total of $20 in gift cards and $5 ecb from being a part of beauty club. in essence, we paid about a mere $5 for 8 organix items! we were excited!

i experienced no epiphany during that time obviously but i have been looking/researching into using natural, organic products for a while now. that incident merely was the first step, a push if you will.

and so my path to using natural, organic products begins…

surely, it will not be a sudden, dramatic 360 change!  it will take some time. my first priority is baby products.

what natural products have you discovered that you like for yourself and/or babies?

one little word 2012


a few years back ali edwards coined the one little word (challenge, so to speak) in lieu of a new year’s resolution list. a single word that one chooses to use as a guide and mantra throughout the year.

though i have a resolution list for 2012, i also chose my one little word for this year. it was my mantra for 2011 and will continue on for this year. that one little word is edit. i found it was difficult to choose just one word but i managed to narrow it down to 3. it was a debate between minimal, focus and edit. i felt that edit emcompasses the other two so it became my mantra. editing leads to minimizing our life.

now that we have 2 children, accumulating things is very easy. add the shopaholic-ish me and hubby and we have a very messy, cluttered home. stuff is everywhere. it drives me insane! however because of this mantra, i am delighted to report that  mr. s and i have made some progress.

reading sherlock holmes

well, more like listening to the adventures of sherlock holmes book. i was browsing through itunes for a book to read one night and i came across the audio books.  this satisfies one of  my new year’s goals for the month. although, i feel like i am cheating a bit since i am not actually reading the literature but rather listening to someone reading it. however, i also feel that it’s perfect for me. i can multitask –  ie. do laundry or clean – while listening. last night i was able to clean the bathroom, do laundry and nightly quick-cleaning routine while i listened all the way through part 3 of the book. each part tells a different story. so far so good, i am enjoying it. the best part?  it’s free! just download and you’re good to go!

ps. when i say quick-cleaning, i meant a 30-45 minute cleaning routine. lol i am working on making that 10-15 minutes! also, when i say nightly , i meant most nights. ^.~))

a side note

i’ve been dreading to go out lately. the main reason would have to be the weather. it gets very cold at night here in the central valley. a few more reasons would have to be exhaustion and the current condition of my skin (my face, that is). i’ve neglected it far too long and it’s screaming for an intervention! yikes! even hubby began to notice it!

project life album


“a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – lao tzu

to be honest, the quote above is suppose to make me feel better about starting the project life album but that’s besides the point. although i have several albums in queue for completion, i am beginning a new one called project life. it is an album documenting a year of  one’s life created by ali edwards. i haven’t gathered the materials for this album yet but i already began taking pictures and taking notes. fairly good start, no? we are still in week 1, lol, we’ll see how it goes. my plan for this album?

1. keep it clean simple and not fuss about the design.

2. use a spread of photos per week instead of putting all of my focus on taking a photo a day. i definitely do not have the energy or the time for that.

3. create and print my own journaling cards instead of purchasing. this should be easy enough, i think.

4. purchase a white 12 x12 album and page protectors.

happy new year!

happy 2012! i thought it’s appropriate to post my new year’s resolution. (as if anyone really cares lol.)  but what the heck right? in the past, my resolutions were always broad and  general such as be more organized, NEVER procrastinate (that was always on my list), be kind, etc.  however for the past 2 years, i’ve changed my resolutions to goals. i have several criteria:

1. be VERY specific

2. realistic

3. must be achieved in a short period of time

so without further ado here are my new year’s resolutions:

1. organize the office so that everything has its place and easily accessible – at the moment, i am halfway done as i’ve already started organizing the office a while back.

2. launch my online shop – my target launch date is march

3. lose 15-20 lbs (of course this includes being fit not just being skinny. i’ve already started on this as well. one word: yoga.)

4. read a book per month

5. have an easy skincare routine (i have also started this one as my order is on it’s way!)

it’s best to keep the list short and simple as it can get overwhelming. of course, more can added as the year progresses and whenever a goal has been satisfied.

a mini rant:
i always see people’s status on facebook stating something like this: ” happy new year! let’s all have a fresh start..” really?! do you really need a whole year to pass to start anew? well, i have good news for you buddy; you can do that anytime!  ^0^;

here’s to a happy, productive and fun new year!

a new hobby…

…couponing!! since i don’t get much desktop computer and/or craft room time these days, i finally decided to try something new. i actually found out about this last year while browsing around youtube. i signed up for the loyalty cards at cvs and rite aid to get started but never really continued it until about 2 months ago. i did my research, collected coupons and finally began shopping with coupons this month! i always get excited whenever i spend $5 on $30-$40 worth of products!!! ^.~)) i am loving it so far.  i get a “me” time whenever i go to the stores since hubby watches the babies, lol. plus, it’s great to get some time off from my babies since i’m a sahm.

at first, i used a mini accordion file to organize my coupons but it came to a point where i wasn’t able to close it. so i transferred them to a binder and utilized the baseball card pocket protectors which i also use for scrapbooking!


(above is picture of my accordion file)




(above photo is the first page of my coupon binder)