a wish list

Hi friend!

i told mr. s that i didn’t want to exhange xmas lists this year (2011) because i just wanted to focus on our babies. okay, that was somewhat of a lie. i did want a love letter from him (cue evil but cute face here). there wasn’t anything that i needed or badly wanted. however, a girl always has some kind of a wish list. or am i the only one? i don’t need any of these things but having a list comes in handy especially if there are massive sales that come by once in a while! we have to be ready! lol

1. house of harlow 1960 leather station necklace  i purchased an inspired version of this necklace from gofavor.com. interestingly, it looked the same and felt quite substantial. much to my despair the metal oxidized after just one wear. then, my 2 year old got her hands on them and broke it. i don’t like spending a lot on trendy jewelry but i really like this and it isn’t too much pricewise. i’d love this in the light color as well!

2. house of harlow 1960 antler ring gorgeous! enough said.

3. nars danmari blush palette i love nars! this one is a necessity! it’s sold out everywhere, unfortunately.

4. miu miu vitello lux in light pink i’d love this one in the brown/cognac color as well! but i’m thinking it will remain in my wishlist for a long, long time!

5. madewell boots in english saddle the one pair i’ve been looking for!

6. tory burch reva leather flats with gold detail i’ve been a heels kind of girl but flats make things easier and safer especially when toting babies! i’ve heard all but rave reviews about these flats!

what products/items are you currently coveting?


rite aid trip week 01.08 – 01.14.2012

Hi friend!

i was in desperate need of skincare products, so to rite aid i went.

7.99  aveeno foaming cleanser
15.99  aveeno clear complexion daily moisturizer
5.99  aveeno daily moisturizing body lotion
29.97 (the aveeno was buy 1 get 1 50% off, the body lotion is 11.99)

coupons used:
4.00 (2) $2 aveeno skincare q
1.00 (1) aveeno q

total: 24.97 + 2.40  (tax)
oop: 27.37
+up rewards received: $10

so in essence i paid $17.37 for the 3 products which is not bad at all considering the facial moisturizer is $15.99. it’s seldom that aveeno goes on sale and i NEEDED them!

now onto the quick reviews:

aveeno daily moisturizing body lotion – one word: love! leaves my skin soft a lot longer than any other body lotions i’ve tried. it’s not greasy, though it takes just a little extra time to absorb. my skin, mainly my legs, are sensitive and get very itchy most specially during winter months. from my experience, this lotion helps the itchiness as well as prevents it.

aveeno foaming cleanser – cleans without stripping the skin. mr.s likes this too and he’s very picky when it comes to cleansers. my sister has been using this product for 2 years now and swears by it. my brother also uses this product and it has cleared his acne prone skin.

aveeno clear complexion facial moisturizer – it’s a light daily moisturizer that leaves the skin soft. however, it’s not creamy or moisturizing enough for my dry spots (eczema spots on my face). i have to use my aquaphor for that. still, my face is now doing much better than before. we’ll see how it goes in a month or so.

the cleanser and the facial moisturizer claim that they even out skin tone and prevent breakouts. so far i have seen that my skin had evened out a bit and the redness diminished. the key ingredient for both products is salicylic acid. it’s a plant based compound that helps treat acne. i had a cystic pimple on my chin and it lasted for a day! without using these two products, the annoying zits would have lasted for several days or even a week.

What is your skincare routine? What are your favorite products?

cvs trip week 01.08 – 01.14.2012

the first cvs store i went to didn’t have any johnson and johnson’s baby products. i don’t think they carry them. it’s weird. they also ran out of the other things i wanted to purchase to do the gift card deal.

8.98 (2) stayfree ultra thin
8.98 (2) stayfree ultra thin overnight
7.98 (2) rembrandt toothpaste

coupons used:
8.98 (2) bogo free stayfree q
4.00 (2) $2 rembrandt internet printable q
10.00 giftcard from last week

total: 2.96 + 2.08  (tax)
oop: 5.04
ecb received: $0 and no gift card because i didn’t reach the $30 minimum

then i drove to the 24-hr store and picked up the following:

2.00 (2) suave deodorant
3.00 (1) j&j baby lotion

coupons used:
1.50 (2) $0.75 suave q
1.00 (1) j&j lotion q

total: 2.50 + 0.40  (tax)
oop: 2.90
ecb received: $0 and no gift card because still  i didn’t reach the $30 minimum. all the things i wanted to get for the gc deal were all gone. 😦

i knew i was $1 away from getting my $10 gc.  i also spotted in the ad that the box of diapers is on price cut which is perfect paired with a $3 cvs coupon machine that i got last week and the giftcard. here are my transactions:

transaction 1
3.14  (2) h&s shampoo on clearance
1.00 (1) m&m’s fun size pack

coupons used:
1.00 (1) $1/2 h&s q

total: 3.14 + 0.33  (tax)
oop: 3.47
ecb received: $4 from h&s (a hidden deal), $1 green bag tag and $10 gc finally!


transaction 2
17.99  (1) huggies diapers big pack on price cut

coupons used:
1.00 huggies mq peelie (i found it on the box)
3.00 cvs q from the red coupon machine
1.00 gbt ecb
4.00 h&s ebc
10.00 gc

total: -1.01 + 1.36  (tax)
oop: 0.35
ecb received: $0

one little word 2012


a few years back ali edwards coined the one little word (challenge, so to speak) in lieu of a new year’s resolution list. a single word that one chooses to use as a guide and mantra throughout the year.

though i have a resolution list for 2012, i also chose my one little word for this year. it was my mantra for 2011 and will continue on for this year. that one little word is edit. i found it was difficult to choose just one word but i managed to narrow it down to 3. it was a debate between minimal, focus and edit. i felt that edit emcompasses the other two so it became my mantra. editing leads to minimizing our life.

now that we have 2 children, accumulating things is very easy. add the shopaholic-ish me and hubby and we have a very messy, cluttered home. stuff is everywhere. it drives me insane! however because of this mantra, i am delighted to report that  mr. s and i have made some progress.

cvs trip week 1.1 – 1.7. 2012


18.99 (1) pampers
6.00 (2) always pads
5.98 (2) cover girl eyeshadows

coupons used:
2.00 covergirl mq
3.00 ecb earned from fall spending
10.00 cvs gift card from my dec. gc trip

total: 15.97 + 2.48  (tax)
oop: 18.45
ecb received: $0 but i received a $10 cvs gift card for purchasing $30 worth of participating items.

this was a great trip. i was in dire need of diapers as my stockpile had been depleted! in essence, i paid $8.45 for all of the items pictured after the gift card. i think i did fairly well especially with the box of diapers!

reading sherlock holmes

well, more like listening to the adventures of sherlock holmes book. i was browsing through itunes for a book to read one night and i came across the audio books.  this satisfies one of  my new year’s goals for the month. although, i feel like i am cheating a bit since i am not actually reading the literature but rather listening to someone reading it. however, i also feel that it’s perfect for me. i can multitask –  ie. do laundry or clean – while listening. last night i was able to clean the bathroom, do laundry and nightly quick-cleaning routine while i listened all the way through part 3 of the book. each part tells a different story. so far so good, i am enjoying it. the best part?  it’s free! just download and you’re good to go!

ps. when i say quick-cleaning, i meant a 30-45 minute cleaning routine. lol i am working on making that 10-15 minutes! also, when i say nightly , i meant most nights. ^.~))

a side note

i’ve been dreading to go out lately. the main reason would have to be the weather. it gets very cold at night here in the central valley. a few more reasons would have to be exhaustion and the current condition of my skin (my face, that is). i’ve neglected it far too long and it’s screaming for an intervention! yikes! even hubby began to notice it!

project life album


“a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – lao tzu

to be honest, the quote above is suppose to make me feel better about starting the project life album but that’s besides the point. although i have several albums in queue for completion, i am beginning a new one called project life. it is an album documenting a year of  one’s life created by ali edwards. i haven’t gathered the materials for this album yet but i already began taking pictures and taking notes. fairly good start, no? we are still in week 1, lol, we’ll see how it goes. my plan for this album?

1. keep it clean simple and not fuss about the design.

2. use a spread of photos per week instead of putting all of my focus on taking a photo a day. i definitely do not have the energy or the time for that.

3. create and print my own journaling cards instead of purchasing. this should be easy enough, i think.

4. purchase a white 12 x12 album and page protectors.