infinity rings

Hi friend!

I have been drooling over this ring lately. It’s made to be worn right before your knuckle.

It’s lovely but with a hefty price tag of $180! No thanks. I know I can find a much cheaper alternative.

And I did! They are made by Indulgent Design – link!  However, she doesn’t make them in rose gold which is okay because the silver matches my wedding ring. In addition, I found the heart infinity ring for the same price of $21 and it’s as lovely.

Oh how I love dainty accesories. It’s a great gift, well for me anyway.

What kind of jewelry that brings you over the moon?


2009 & 2010 daily december album

here is my abandoned daily december album for 2009. as i was going through it today, i figured i can actually go ahead and add the photos ^.~ i’m not much of a journaling person anyway. however, i do like to keep receipts, lists etc so i will definitely add those. i guess it wasn’t such a complete fail after all. now i just have to search and print the photos.

it is obvious that my album for this year is a complete 360 from last year’s. i wanted something clean, simple, not-so “cluttered” and busy looking. following ali edwards this year’s daily december, here it is. it looks quite boring and ugly doesn’t it? so far i’ve finished the main pages, front and back cover, and the “transparencies” pages. more update on the album later on.

current to-do list

aside from housework, mainly organizing and purging, here are some stuff that i would really LOVE to start working on as soon as possible

1. work on a “favorite” (okay, more of an “obsession” maybe?) mini album..where it’s all about my current favorites. i think it would be interesting if i make an album 2-3 times a year to really see how often i change my mind. this one is the easiest of all, maybe i can finish one in half a day? faves i would include are: watch, clothing, shoes, makeup item, time of day, iphone app, hmm can’t think of other things right now.. to be continued…

2. design new items and re-open my shop! new ideas are overflowing in my head..overflowing..overflowing aaahhh!! i can’t sleep.

3. complete my december daily album foundation as inspired by ali edwards. i started, well i actually finished an album foundation last year but i didn’t get to finish the album. it was a complete fail! T_T i hope to finish one this year!