au naturel…

…well, more like organic, natural products. i honestly just wanted a catchy title. epic fail.

Hi friend!

a back story:

it all started when my sister came to visit for thanksgiving. upon her arrival the first thing i noticed was her shiny, healthy-looking hair! let’s ignore the fact that she  lost some weight! apparently, she had been running and eating healthy ie. avoided sweets and fatty foods. her hair looked amazing, so i asked her to spill the beans. her new secret: organix moroccan oil conditioner, an organic, sulfate free product. i had to get/try it as my hair has been looking like a dreadful mess lately. it just so happened that the organix line was on sale on thanksgiving week at cvs. it was part of buy $30 get $10 gift card. long story short,  my sister and i were able to snag 4 conditioners, 1 hair treatmeant, 3 shampoos for a total of $30 out of pocket. each bottle cost about $8.xx. however, we also received a total of $20 in gift cards and $5 ecb from being a part of beauty club. in essence, we paid about a mere $5 for 8 organix items! we were excited!

i experienced no epiphany during that time obviously but i have been looking/researching into using natural, organic products for a while now. that incident merely was the first step, a push if you will.

and so my path to using natural, organic products begins…

surely, it will not be a sudden, dramatic 360 change!  it will take some time. my first priority is baby products.

what natural products have you discovered that you like for yourself and/or babies?